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Make the most of Maltese summer with these TEN scenic spots
Kick-off summer with a bang!

Kim Vella

It's summer, arguably the best season to experience the Maltese islands, and we’re all dying to enjoy some sunshine amidst the country’s beautiful landscape. 

So, whether you're looking for an after-work chill-out spot, a good dose of local culture, or just some straight up summer fun, here are a couple of gorgeous spots that are bound to help you make the most of this season. 

Here we go!

1. Paradise Exiles Shack 

An iconic summer spot for music and food lovers alike who just love to be around people.

2. Riviera

Looking for the perfect sunset spot? Riviera’s the beach for you.

3. Cafe Del Mar

If you're not too keen on spending a day by the beach but still want to splash around, Cafe Del Mar’s infinity pool is right up your alley.  

4. Marsaxlokk’s Fish Market 

Experience Maltese culture in its purest form by checking out the fish market at Marsaxlokk. Make sure to get your hands on some fresh fish at the end of your visit as you’re bound to leave feeling hungry!

5. The Dwejra Seabed

You can still enjoy the Azure Window’s beauty - even though it’s collapsed! Just grab your diving gear and explore Dwejra’s seabed, where you can witness loads of marine life and the Window’s submerged remains.

6. Valletta by Night 

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Dinner in the capital is always a good idea. There are also plenty of bars scattered around the city - particularly on Strait Street - making Valletta a highly sought-after spot for nightlife enthusiasts. 

7. Blue Lagoon 

No matter how you get there, spending a day by the crystal blue waters of Comino’s Blue Lagoon is always worth it. 

Stay hydrated with one of the kiosk's pineapple cocktails and grab a local ftira for the ultimate experience. 

8. Village Feast 

You haven’t really experienced Maltese summer if you’ve never been to a village feast. 

These celebrations are the pinnacle of Maltese culture, offering local foods, music, and of course, awe-inspiring fireworks.

9. Grand Harbour 

One of the best ways of experiencing The Grand Harbour is, hands down, a harbour cruise. Board a traditional Luzzu and discover the magic of this historic site from a new perspective.

10. Sliema promenade

If long walks are your thing, then the Sliema promenade is the perfect spot for you. There are plenty of kiosks and restaurants along the front, so you can always end your walk with a refreshing drink or a spot to eat.

ryan.connell11/ Instagram, paradisexiles_shack/ Instagram, & aktywniwpodrozy/ Instagram 

21st June 2022

Kim Vella
Written by
Kim Vella
A highly curious explorer always looking to find her next adventure. Kim loves sharing her experiences and what's happening on the Maltese Islands. When not writing, you’ll probably find her playing around with some clay or somewhere surrounded by trees. She's always up for listening to people's stories about anything to do with nature, a passion project or issue you feel needs tending to.

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