Experience Maltese Carnival AGAIN this weekend in Valletta
This is your second chance to enjoy the carnival celebrations!

Kim Vella

Carnival celebrations were somewhat muted last February thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic - but worry not, we’re still set to experience this feast’s vibrant magic very soon!

That’s right - Festivals Malta will be hosting Carnival as we know it within our capital city next weekend. 

If you thought February celebrations were bombastic, think again…

After two years of holding back from traditional and extravagant celebrations, carnival lovers will be pleased to hear that this month’s festivities are being celebrated two-fold.

Celebrations will be kicking off on Friday and are set to last the entire weekend.

This will give carnival enthusiasts a chance to show off their skills whilst bringing colour and life back into the capital city!

Here's what's going down for this year's carnival celebrations: 

Friday 20th May

Time: 6pm to 8pm 

Watch the beautiful competitive dancing in St George's Square Valletta followed by the Valletta defile with the participation of 25 floats. 

This also includes the classic carnival floats and installations usually seen near the Triton fountain just outside the Valletta gates. 

Saturday 21st May

Time: 9.30am to 8pm

Aside from the in-costume dances in St George's Square and the various Carnival installations, Saturday's program also includes the Guggen Muzik Band Parade and a live rendition of Il-Qarċilla at St John's Street. 

Sunday 22nd May

Time: 1pm to 8pm 

The final day of celebrations will include another performance by the Guggen Muzik Band Parade featuring grotesque masks, a final dance show in St George's Square, and a live rendition of Il-Qarċilla at St John's Street.

If you'd like to be involved in the Carnival fun, click here to read more about all that's going down and buy your tickets. 

Will you be heading down to Valletta this weekend? 

Main image: Facebook / Carnival - National Event in Valletta, Floriana. Malta

17th May 2022

Kim Vella
Written by
Kim Vella
A highly curious explorer always looking to find her next adventure. Kim loves sharing her experiences and what's happening on the Maltese Islands. When not writing, you’ll probably find her playing around with some clay or somewhere surrounded by trees. She's always up for listening to people's stories about anything to do with nature, a passion project or issue you feel needs tending to.

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