7 really good reasons to learn English in Malta
Malta is a top destination for learning English, but why Malta? Discover seven reasons why.

Melanie Drury

Malta - Marsaxlockk

1. Get two for the price of one

It’s all about value! Take an educational trip to learn English and enjoy a great vacation in an exotic Mediterranean island, with a single trip that fulfils both quests impeccably. Learn English at a choice of top language schools by day and have a great holiday full of fun, adventure, history and culture at a unique destination.

2. Learn in the sun with seaside fun

Malta is known for its fine weather and boasts 300 days of sunshine - that's more time to enjoy the islands’ amazing azure waters, so clean and clear it’s actually unbelievable! Enjoy swimming, snorkelling, diving, boating, cruises and fishing. Explore beautiful beach coves, fascinating underwater and coastal caves and mysterious diving wrecks. The sea is never far away on these small islands, and you can enjoy a variety of water sports while you learn English.

Comino: Blue Lagoon

3. Make the best use of your time

Malta is ideal for making the best use of your available time. The total area of the islands is just 316km², so you never have far to travel to the things you want to see, do or experience in between lessons. In fact, you can do so much in a single day, even while you're going to school daily to learn English! Malta is also a very safe place, so you need not worry about night transport or walking alone in the dark.

4. Indulge in different things to do

Do not be deceived by the islands’ small size or think there’s little more than the seaside to enjoy in Malta and Gozo. Visit the oldest standing stones in the world, caves containing fossilised mammoths, and myriad other archaeological sites, museums, fortified cities and historic buildings. Partake in traditional village festas, various festivals, concerts, open-air theatre and loads of other events. Indulge in nightclubs, bars and restaurants or go extreme into adventure sports. You’ll never be short of interests and entertainment.

Malta Fireworks Festival 2014

5. Maximise your learning

You learn faster when it’s fun, and just one week of professional English tuition will offer amazing results. Forget boring classrooms and learn grammar, reading, writing and how to speak English through fun school activities. Practice your language skills and mingle with the locals, who all speak English. Furthermore, there’s 7,000 years of extraordinary Malta history to learn and discover.

6. Know you’re in good hands

Malta is varied, interesting, a lot of fun and home to around 60 top quality English language schools that have all the experience necessary to make your learning holiday perfect and easy. You can choose anything from large, well-known organisations centred around where it’s all happening in Malta or a more personalised experience at a school that offers a more authentic feel of the islands and local lifestyle.

learn english in malta

7. Have it all

Gain an authentic experience and discover Malta and Gozo beyond the average tourist. For example, spend a week in a modern self-catering seaside apartment in St Paul’s Bay, with easy access to Bugibba attractions and a short bus ride to the Sliema/St Julians hotspots. Continue your studies uninterrupted with the same school with a second week in a Gozo countryside farmhouse to experience full immersion in island village life. Such a great mix of experiences is easy to do with BELS language school, which has properties in both areas.

Learn English in Malta this summer

Book an English language course through BELS English schools in Malta & Gozo and let them handle the rest. Expect a quality, personalised experience within an owner-run atmosphere that offers genuine care and attention to your well-being, feedback and needs. Just be warned - you’ll certainly want to return, and send your family and friends to discover the memorable experience of learning English in Malta!

Melanie Drury
Written by
Melanie Drury
Melanie was born and raised in Malta and has spent a large chunk of her life travelling solo around the world. Back on the island with a new outlook, she realised just how much wealth her little island home possesses.

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