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Woah! Here’s a look at the best shots from last night’s electric storm
It was nothing short of scary!

Caroline Curmi

We’ve been receiving warnings of a freak storm all week and boy did the Gods deliver last night. Usually, it is fireworks that are lighting up our summer night skies, but yesterday’s visual spectacle was equally breathtaking.


Facebook / @cluma via The Weather Page Malta

Rainfall averaged around 11mm across both islands, with Xaghra (Gozo) and Valletta (Malta) amongst the worst hit, clocking 24.6mm and 13.8mm respectively.


Facebook / Ahmed Ibrahim via GOZONE

September is overall a flaky month when it comes to predicting Maltese weather. It is generally the time of the year where the four seasons have a month-long reunion, resulting in unpredictable (and sometimes freak) turns to the weather.


Facebook / Justin Camenzuli Photography via The Weather Page Malta

Luckily, this thunderstorm doesn’t mean summer’s over and it looks like warm and sunny weather is still on the menu for a good chunk of September. What a relief!


Facebook / @don_bocano via The Malta Weather Page

Do you have any more shots from last night’s storm? Send us a picture in the comments!

11th September, 2019

Caroline Curmi
Written by
Caroline Curmi
When she’s not having a quarter-life crisis, Caroline is either drawing in a café, frittering her salary on sushi or swearing at traffic in full-on Gozitan. There is also the occasional daytime drink somewhere in the equation. Or two. A creative must be allowed at least one vice.

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