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The 17 contestants Malta’s Michela needs to beat on Thursday to get through to the final
Michela will be performing 11th in tomorrow's semi-final

Jillian Mallia

As the whole nation knows, Michela Pace will be performing during the second semi-final on Thursday in the hopes of getting through to Saturday’s final. And while she’s a favourite among the bookies, Michela needs to shine bright next to these 17 countries who will also be performing during Thursday’s semi-final.  

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1. Armenia

Srbuk will be singing ‘Walking Out’ and has quite the vocal range. Bookies are placing her at 9th place to qualify to Saturday’s final.

2. Ireland

Sarah McTernan will be representing Ireland with her soulful, pop song, ’22.’ Bookies don’t have much faith in her qualifying to the next round.

3. Moldova

Moldova’s Anna Odobescu’s song ‘Stay’ is predicted to place 15th, so it’s unlikely it will qualify, but you never know with this competition!

4. Switzerland

Luca Hanni’s ‘She Got Me’ will be representing Switzerland this year, and it’s quite the groover. In fact, bookies are placing Luca’s song at 5th place to qualify to the finals.

5. Latvia

Carousel’s jazzy ‘That Night’ will be representing Latvia this year, but just like Ireland, bookies aren’t so convinced.

6. Romania

Romania’s Ester Peony will be singing her slightly creepy ballad ‘On A Sunday.’ Odds are showing that she might not make it through, currently in 12th place.

7. Denmark

Bookies are placing the northern country’s song ‘Love Is Forever’ by Leonora at 10th place. Will they get through? We’ll just have to wait and see!

8. Sweden

John Lundvik’s pop and soul song, ‘Too Late For Love’ is pulling at everyone’s heart strings. And it seems like he’s pulled at bookies’ heart strings too, because they’ve nearly guaranteed him to qualify at 2nd place in the odds.

9. Austria

Paenda’s ‘Limits’ is certainly not limited in terms of vocal range. While she’s set to give us quite the emotional performance, others aren’t quite convinced, with odds placing her 13th.

10. Croatia

Roko has a dream, a dream to qualify to Saturday’s final! But ‘The Dream’ may not be fulfilled, as bookies are placing Roko’s song in 16th place in Thursday’s odds.

11. Lithuania

Currently ranking in 14th place, Jurij Veklenko’s pop song ‘Run With The Lions’ will be representing Lithuania this year.

12. Russia

The strong (and slightly dramatic) ballad, ‘Scream’ sung by Sergey Lazarev will be powering through the venue at Tel Aviv this year. Bookies are really hopeful with this one, placing it in 3rd place to qualify to Saturday’s finals.

13. Albania

Jonida Maliqi’s ‘Ktheju tokes’ will be representing Albania this year and is currently ranked at 11th place. Will she bump off other countries and make it through?

14. Norway

Norway’s KEiiNO will be singing ‘Spirit In The Sky’ in this year’s Eurovision competition. The pop song might just make it through, currently at 8th place in the odds.

15. The Netherlands

The bookies’ favourite currently sitting at first place in the odds is The Netherlands’ Duncan Laurence with ‘Arcade’ that’s giving us Sam Smith vibes.

16. North Macedonia

Tamara Todevska is ‘Proud’ of her achievements for this year’s Eurovision, as are the bookies, who place her performance at 7th in the odds to qualify for Saturday’s final.

17. Azerbaijan

Chingiz’s ‘Truth’ will be representing the former Eurovision winning country this year. He’s also a favourite among bookies who place him 4th in qualification.

Michela will be singing in 11th place after Croatia and before Lithuania. Bookies have placed her in 7th place and she has been a favourite so far among expert commentators. Many locals have commented on the fact that Thursday's semi-final is much harder than Tuesday's, having some pretty strong contenders in the mix. Will Michela get to the final? We’ll have to wait till Thursday to find out!

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15th May 2019

Jillian Mallia
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Jillian Mallia
A book lover, writer and globetrotter who loves exploring new places and the local gems that the Maltese Islands have to offer. An avid foodie and arts fanatic, Jillian searches the island and beyond for the perfect settings to write about.

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