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Ready, set, splash! World Aquatics Under-16 Men’s Water Polo Championships starting in Malta today
Malta will be facing Kazakhstan in their first match today at 7pm!

Francesca Vella

32 nations have gathered in Malta for the largest World Aquatics championship event yet! Countries from all over the world, including China, Canada, Peru, New Zealand and several European nations, will be playing a staggering 112 matches in eight groups over the next week, starting today.

Two venues will be used for the tournament: the Cottonera Indoor Pool and the Tal-Qroqq Sport Complex Outdoor Pool, with eight matches in each per day for seven consecutive days.

The previous championship in 2022 saw Hungary, Greece and Serbia taking the podium, and Hungary are favourites again this year.

The participating nations are divided into the following groups:

Group A: Serbia, China, Peru, Brazil.

Group B: Spain, Bulgaria, Czechia, Zimbabwe.

Group C: Hungary, Singapore, Germany, Poland.

Group D: United States of America, New Zealand, Israel, Netherlands.

Group E: Italy, Georgia, Mexico, Ukraine.

Group F: Montenegro, Slovenia, South Africa, Egypt.

Group G: Croatia, Canada, Turkey, Australia.

Group H: Greece, Malta, Kazakhstan, Romania.

Today’s opening matches will be taking place as follows:

Group A, B, C and D:

09:00, Serbia v Peru

10:15, China v Brazil

11:30, Spain v Czechia

12:45, Bulgaria v Zimbabwe

15:15, Hungary v Germany

16:30, Singapore v Poland

17:45, United States of America v Israel

19:00, New Zealand v Netherlands

Group E, F, G and H:

09:00, Italy v Mexico

10:15, Georgia v Ukraine

11:30, Montenegro v South Africa

12:45, Slovenia v Egypt

15:15, Croatia v Turkey

16:30, Canada v Australia

17:45, Romania v Greece

19:00, Kazakhstan v Malta

Follow the excitement, schedule and results on the World Aquatics site.

Will you be supporting the youngsters in this championship?

18th June 2024

Francesca Vella
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Francesca Vella
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