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Let’s get floral: The Valletta Green Festival is BACK this month
The ninth edition of the festival aims to introduce more urban greening to the islands.

Kim Vella

The historic streets of Malta's capital city are going to get transformed into a botanical wonderland for this year’s edition of the Valletta Green Festival.  

This annual event will, quite literally, bring spring into Valletta.  

At the centre of this year’s festival are the following themes: the importance of public spaces, the protection of natural habitats, and the effect this has on islands’ flora and fauna.   

The main attraction of the 2022 Valletta Green Festival is the infiorata, that is, a carpet made of flowers.  

This colourful spectacle will be made up of around 50,000 plants and herbs and is set to feature the design of a frog. In total, this year’s infiorata will take up an area of 500 square metres in St George’s Square. 

The aim of the installation’s design is to highlight the habitat destruction of the Painted Frog, the only amphibian we have in Malta.  

Minister for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government Owen Bonnici stated that year after year, the Valletta Green Festival is increasing in popularity.  

He emphasised that the festival aims to bring together culture and the environment, two sources of inspiration without which we would lose an important part of our identity.  

The Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise will also be participating in the festival.  

"We want to offer the public an informative space about the work that different entities are doing in favour of sustainability, a better and safer environment, and accessible spaces," said Minister Miriam Dalli. 

The Valletta Cultural Agency will continue its urban greening contribution and will be leaving behind a 15 per cent legacy, whereby it will be introducing several plants and trees in Bull Street and Charles Street, Valletta.  

 "The Valletta Green Festival, which is now in its ninth edition, is a main tool for the Valletta Cultural Agency to raise environmental awareness around the island, not just in Valletta," said Chairman Jason Micallef. 

The festival will be held in collaboration with the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government, the Ministry for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Water be the Change, Ambjent Malta, ERA, Wasteserv and the Building and Construction Authority.     

Know before you go! 

Where: Valletta 

When: 28th April to 1st May 

Cost: Free  

Click here to get more information on the Valletta Green Festival 2022. 

Main image: Facebook/ Valletta Cultural Agency 

19th April 2022

Kim Vella
Written by
Kim Vella
A highly curious explorer always looking to find her next adventure. Kim loves sharing her experiences and what's happening on the Maltese Islands. When not writing, you’ll probably find her playing around with some clay or somewhere surrounded by trees. She's always up for listening to people's stories about anything to do with nature, a passion project or issue you feel needs tending to.

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