It's almost beach weather! Here are 5 tips on how YOU can help keep Malta's beaches clean
A little effort can go a long way!

Joanna Demarco

Days of lounging on a beach for hours on an end are just around the corner, so, now is the right time for a reminder on how we can be a little bit friendlier to our environment this summer.



1. Use reusable water bottles

Long days on the beach mean a near-constant water supply to keep hydrated. This can often result in buying many single-use plastic water bottles from a kiosk on the beach itself. A more environmentally-friendly choice is to take your own reusable (preferably stainless steel) water bottles in a cooler and use them to quench your thirst throughout the day.


Facebook / Zibel

2. Dispose of cigarette butts properly

Although it may resemble one sometimes, a sandy beach is not one giant ashtray. Cigarette butts are also one of the most common marine polluters, so dispose of them properly!


Facebook / Jaded Pecorella - Malta Clean Up 

3. Carry garbage bags with you

Carrying garbage bags with you and cleaning up litter around you, before sitting down, is a way of making the environment you are staying in that much nicer, whilst inspiring others to do the same. And, make sure you dispose of all your garbage right after you use it.


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4. Take care of your fire

Be careful when having a barbecue and try not to burn trash on the fire as the debris may go into the sand and then into the sea. Remember to put all fires out properly too!


Facebook / Jayne Torpiano - Malta Clean Up

5. Join a cleanup

Recently, more and more beach and marine clean-ups are being organised around Malta by a number of environmental groups, making the clean-up of a place all the more thorough. Many hands make light work!


Facebook / Malta Clean Up

14th March 2019

Joanna Demarco
Written by
Joanna Demarco
Joanna is a writer and a photographer based in Malta who spends most of her time seeking quirky spots around our islands or discovering and highlighting intriguing local stories.

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