Did you know? 5 activities you can do in Valletta for free
Heading to Valletta on a tight budget? Here are some activities you can indulge in without reaching for your purse.

Joanna Demarco


Whether you're on vacation with a low budget, or a local who's a bit tight on cash (hey, we've all been there!), nothing sounds more appealing than the possibility of doing something enjoyable that is also free. In Valletta, there are many ways of intertwining interesting activities with your itinerary without reaching for your purse.  Here are a few of them.

Watch a classic at The Cinema Bar

Within an '80s treasure that is the City Lights arcade lies The Cinema Bar, a place where you can sit on an armchair, choose a drink from an array of craft beers (not free) and watch classics from all types of genres, from The Shining and The Matrix to Finding Nemo, absolutely free!

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People watch (or simply look up)

A steady flow of people means your eyes never get bored, and rest assured that Republic Street witnesses all types of characters walking along it. If you know how to sketch - this place is ideal to get some intriguing characters, or just look up at the beautiful architecture... there's something beautiful around every corner.


Be awed by Malta’s biggest mug collection

At the bottom of Republic Street you'll find Peter Spiteri’s mug collection, consisting of over 3,000 mugs. The room in which the collection is homed is open till 1pm every day, and whilst each mug has its own historical and cultural value, the whole collection is built on one inspiring story - which Peter will gladly tell you over a cup of tea (in a mug not within the collection!) 


Facebook / The People of Malta

View an exhibition

Pass by Spazju Kreattiv (St James Cavalier) and the new Valletta Contemporary to see whether there are any exhibitions on display. Most of the time, the exhibitions there are free, and chances are you will come across some current local art.


Facebook - Valletta Contemporary

Attend a court hearing

Court hearings at the Maltese law courts are open to the public and make for an interesting and educational outing in the country’s capital. Watch democracy play out and experience a different angle to Malta. Considerations such as the size of a court room and public order may sometimes result in certain limitations when it comes to attending a court hearing, however that is not the norm. You are required to dress in appropriate, smart clothing to enter court.


Wikipedia - Berthold Werner

What do you think? Some of these may be obvious, but some you may have not considered before... are we right?

Joanna Demarco
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Joanna Demarco

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