5 great ways to make the most of Malta's sparkling sea
Malta's sparkling sea opens up many opportunities for enjoyment. Here are a few suggestions on what to do to match your mood of the day.

Melanie Drury

What do do in Malta

The azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea surrounding the Maltese Islands are warm, safe, clean and crystal clear. That's super inviting, isn't it? Explore a variety of activities to match any mood you're in; like these, for example...

1. Immerse yourself

It's a whole other world down there! Diving in Malta is a treat, with such great conditions and an abundance of wrecks, underwater caves and Mediterranean marine life to discover. There are several dive shops in Malta that offer great expertise and diving equipment to beginners and advanced divers. This is a great opportunity to go for a try dive if you've never done it before!  

2. Ride the waves

Above the water surface, there's also much to enjoy! Try surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, wakeboarding, body boarding or any of the brilliant opportunities available to harness the elements for a little thrill as well as great body conditioning. You can also try kayaking, paddle boarding or SUP.

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3. Taste adrenaline

There's even more to get that adrenaline pumping. If you're keen on speed, grab a jet-ski or hire a speedboat. If you'd like to take to the air, try paragliding or flyboarding. How about jumping through the air into the water with extreme cliff diving? Some of these water sports may require experience or even a licence, but there is always a time to start!

4. Savour the high life

A little bit of heart-racing adventure is all good, yet some of us prefer to just kick back and relax. And there's no better way to do that at sea than aboard a luxury yacht. Indulge yourself and charter a yacht to experience the sparkling sea at is best. 

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5. Return to the basics

And if all of that sounds nice but is not quite your cup of tea, just lay down your towel on one of Malta's beautiful sandy beaches, dip in from time to time and splash around with a snorkelling mask to take it all in. Sometimes the simplest of things is the best.

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31st July 2021

Melanie Drury
Written by
Melanie Drury
Melanie was born and raised in Malta and has spent a large chunk of her life travelling solo around the world. Back on the island with a new outlook, she realised just how much wealth her little island home possesses.

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