These jazz masterclasses in Valletta are music to our ears
And they’re taking place as part of the Jazz Festival 2019. Have you booked yet?

Jo Caruana

Jazz fans take note! The Malta Jazz Festival will soon be swinging into the island again, with another eclectic programme that presents the best Maltese and international artists performing the latest contemporary jazz styles.

As well as mesmerising headlining sets, the Festival’s many fringe events this year include a series of masterclasses with the world-class jazz acts themselves.

A one-of-a-kind opportunity to get hands-on experience with the instruments, while also learning from the wisdom and skill of today’s jazz greats? Yes please!

All Malta Jazz Festival masterclasses are free of charge and will be held at Offbeat, Merchant Street, Valletta. Due to the limited number of places, reservations are required in advance – so take note, and book your place today.

Masterclass by Nelson Veras (Guitar)

Tuesday 16 July, 5.30pm

Nelson Veras

Brazilian jazz guitarist Nelson Veras uses a technique that differs from most jazz guitar players, since he does not use a pick. His career includes recording with notable musicians Lee Konitz, Aldo Romano, Dominique di Piazza, Michel Graillier, Malik Mezzadri and Jean-Louis Matinier. In 2004 he released his album Nelson Veras at the label Bleu.

Masterclass by Jochen Rueckert Quartet

Wednesday 17 July, 5.30pm

Jochen Rueckert

The Jochen Rueckert quartet, which features Jochen Rueckert on drums, Chris Cheek on saxophone, Mike Moreno on guitar and Matt Penman on bass, offers an insight into techniques used in their compositions, modes of interplay, as well as giving general advice on playing and improvising in the jazz idiom.

Masterclass by Fred Pasqua (Drums)

Thursday 18 July, 5.30pm

Fred Pasqua

Fred Pasqua by Konstantin Kern

In his masterclass on drums, Fred Pasqua will give insight on how to practice tempo, form and dynamics. He will also focus on how to build a drum solo on a song structure.

Masterclass by Bertil Strandberg (Trombone)

Friday 19 July, 5.30pm

Bertil Strandberg

In his masterclass on trombone, Bertil Strandberg will give insight into improvisation from a psychological and mental viewpoint.

Masterclass by Stjepko Gut (Trumpet)

Saturday 20 July 11am

Stjepko Gut

Stjepko Gut is a Belgrade-based jazz musician and is one of the most famous jazz brass players from Serbia. His masterclass will explore the influence of African rhythms (the poly-rhythmic concept) on jazz and other music.

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11th July 2019

Jo  Caruana
Written by
Jo Caruana
Jo is a magazine editor and actress who is passionate about all things foodie and cultural on her island home. Her favourite pastimes include writing in cafes, performing at the Manoel Theatre, and exploring the countryside with her three beloved dogs.

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