These are Malta's TEN dog-friendly beaches
Keep your dog happy this summer.

Dogs love to swim and splash around, just like us humans do, and who can blame them? But as summer draws nearer and nearer, it is super important to remember that your dogs can only accompany you on beaches that are deemed dog friendly.

There are a total of 10 official dog friendly beaches around the Maltese islands – eight in Malta and two in Gozo. However, be aware that, even when a beach is marked as dog-friendly, sometimes only a part of that beach is actually so.

Breaking these regulations for the first time can land you a fine between €232 and €4,658 and / or no less than six months of imprisonment. On second conviction, the fine goes up to a minimum of €465 and a maximum of €11,646 and / or not less than two years of imprisonment – so you better be super careful!

Anyways, enough talk. Here are Malta (and Gozo’s) 10 dog-friendly beaches!

1. Dahlet ix-Xmajjar, Armier

Rather remote but accessible by car and on foot, this beach is sometimes referred to as Dahlet ix-Xmajjel. In fact, this is the name indicated on the sign that is installed near the beach. 

The sign does not indicate that this is a dog-friendly beach, although it is. The rocks at this beach are easy to navigate for dogs of all sizes, though people with mobility problems will find it difficult. A handrail is available to make it easier for people to get in and out of the water.

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2. Imgiebah Bay, Selmun

This is the only dog-friendly sandy beach in Malta and Gozo but reaching it is very difficult. In summer the bay is only accessible by car as the road leading down to it is too long, thorny, and hot to walk down.

Car access is through a rural road opposite Selmun Tower. The road is very narrow, making it very difficult for two cars driving in opposite directions to navigate their way through. Upon arrival at the small parking area, a short trek down a cliff will lead you right to the sea – however this is not suitable for dogs or humans with mobility problems. No dog-friendly sign is present at the beach as of yet.

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3. Behind Splash & Fun, Bahar ic-Caghaq

This is probably one of the biggest dog-friendly beaches in Malta – however be aware that it is only partially dog-friendly. The part that is dog-friendly is the rocky area behind The Splash and Fun Park.

It is easily accessible by car as well as on foot and offers various access points to the water.  Some rocky areas may be too pointy for dogs, but other areas are fine.  Human access is also aided by several steps, ramps, and handrails at different points. No dog-friendly sign can be spotted at this beach.

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4. Tigne Point, under the Tigne Pedestrian Bridge

This beach is easily accessible by car and on foot and is also very close to Tigne Point’s car park. Getting to the dog friendly part of this bay is very easy, however there is no sign indicating that this is, in fact, a dog-friendly beach.

The nature of the rocks and the bay’s sea access points make it ideal for small and big dogs. There are also a couple of steps to help humans in and out of the water too. The whole beach is shaded for most of the day.

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5. Rinella Bay, Kalkara (partial)

This dog friendly area of this beach is very close to a sandy beach, however, dogs are only allowed on the rocky part. Luckily, two signs are present clearly marking which part of the beach is dog-friendly and which is not.

The dog friendly part of Rinella Bay might be the smallest dog-friendly beach on the island, however it offers great views of Valletta and Bighi. This beach is easily accessible by car and on foot and also has a handrail installed making getting in and out of the sea super easy.

6. Zonqor Point, Marsascala

Possibly the largest dog-friendly beach on the island, this rocky beach is easily accessible on foot and by car.  For the most part, the beach’s rocks are smooth and access into the water is easy for both humans and dogs.

7. Xatt is-Sajjieda, Marsaxlokk

This place can be reached easily both by car and on foot. Getting in and out of the sea can be problematic because of the large stones strewn all over the beach.

This also makes it practically impossible for owners to join their dogs in the sea. This beach is also not ideal for small dogs.  An old sign indicates which area is dog friendly.

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8. Horizon Bay, limits of Xwejni (Gozo)

This beach is easily accessible by car and on foot, and entry to the sea is also easy. Though the beach can sometimes be covered with seaweed, dogs do love it.

The beach is relatively small and is very close to car access, which can dangerous if a dog runs out of the water and into the car park.  It is important to note that the dog-friendly part of the beach is situated under the Horizon Restaurant.

9. Trejqet Mgarr ix-Xini, Ghajnsielem (Gozo)

This beach is extremely remote and difficult to get to both by car and on foot. The road to the beach is a long and bumpy one – way too long to walk in the summer heat, especially with a dog.  

Accessing the water is also quite perilous and the open seas can be dangerous.  The area includes salt pans which makes access even more difficult, however there is a handrail to help humans in and out of the water.

10. Torri l-Abjad, Mellieha

This beach is easily accessible by car, and there is a car park about 50 meters away from the beach. However, no dog-friendly sign could be spotted.

Getting to the dog friendly part is not very easy because the rocky part is uneven. Closer to the sea, the rocks can get very slippery. No aids such as steps, ramps and handrails could be observed.

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More information about dog-friendly beaches can be found here.

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14th June 2022

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