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The results are in! Here are the top 14 restaurants in Malta for traditional fried rabbit - according to locals
You can’t visit Malta without trying the traditional Maltese rabbit.

Emma Galea

In an effort to find out what the best place is to get traditional Maltese fried rabbit is, we asked GuideMeMalta’s readers to tell us where their favourite restaurants to get fried rabbit is.

The most famous traditional Maltese dish is probably the fried rabbit, cooked in either garlic and wine or gravy with peas and carrrots, this dish is served in many Maltese households, as well as many restaurants. It is beloved by many locals and tourists alike.

Maltese people call the celebration of eating rabbit, a fenkata. Its history dates all the way back to the 1500s and the Maltese have been eating it ever since.

Without further ado, here are the results of where GuideMeMalta’s readers think the best fried rabbit is served.

Tal-Kugini at St Martins Grill, Bahrija

This Bahrija restaurant got the most mentions. Strictly and traditionally Maltese, Tal-Kugini will serve you rabbit in every which way and you can also savour and taste other Maltese foods while there.

Tal-Budella, San Gwann

At Budella, you can either get the whole rabbit or just half in a variety of Maltese sauces. This family-owned restaurant is paying homage to the owners great grand-mother and grandfather who were commonly referred to as ‘Il-Budella’. The grandfather was a well-known pianist on Strait Street in the 1950s, adding that extra charm to this traditional restaurant.

Greyhound Bar and Restaurant, Bidnija

This restaurant is right opposite a quaint and centuries old chapel. They serve a variety of traditional Maltese food but when visiting Greyhound, their traditional fried rabbit is an absolute must.

Charlie’s Inn, Salina

At Charlies’s Inn diners will feel like they’re stepping into the kitchen of a Maltese grandmother as she serves you her delicious home cooked rabbit.

Adelphi, Rabat

Part of the Adelphi boutique hotel, this restaurant’s history dates all the way back to 1795, so you will feel like you’re eating fried rabbit in the Malta of over 200 years ago.

Suiga Snack Bar, Burmarrad

This traditional Maltese style bar has a very reasonably priced menu full of quick snacks or main course dishes, but they’re mainly known for their traditional Maltese fried rabbit which will leave you wanting for more.  

Summer Bar, Marsaskala

The fishing village of Marsaskala is known for its many restaurants serving freshly caught finish and even though Summer Bar serves some amazing fish-based dishes as well, their fried rabbit is a must have.

Point De Vue, Rabat

Part of a guesthouse that dates all the back to the 17th century, at Pont De Vue you can enjoy some delicious rabbit with some impressive views as your background.

Ta’ Kris, Sliema

Situated in the heart of Sliema, Ta’ Kris can be found in one of the oldest and largest bakeries in all of town. While it might have been transformed into a restaurant, the characteristics of the Maltese bakery have been kept so the place oozes with traditional charm.

Tal-Ingliz, Mgarr

Mgarr is known by many of the locals as being the best locality to get traditional Maltese rabbit from. Tal-Ingliz is one of the restaurants in this village where you’ll get the chance to eat some of the best home cooked rabbit.

Il-Barri, Mgarr

This family-owned restaurant overlooks the stunning, Mgarr Parish church and square and is a favourite by many locals and reasonably so. Having originally opened by a Maltese couple in 1939 to serve British soldiers, Il-Barri is still owned by the same family. It underwent multiple changes throughout the years, but one thing has remained the same and that is their deliciously cooked rabbit.

Ta’ Canti, Mgarr

It cannot possibly get more authentic than the Ta’ Canti restaurant in Mgarr. Even the décor itself is very Maltese and you will feel like you’re dining in someone’s kitchen. It goes without saying that their rabbit is cooked to perfection.

Marley’s, Naxxar

This restaurant specifically specialises in rabbit but you can only visit during Sunday lunch as that’s the only time the restaurant ever opens. You’ll truly feel like a local if you visit as Malta traditionally loves to have fried rabbit for lunch on Sunday.

Ta’ Gagin, Bahrija

A traditional Maltese restaurant in the heart of the picturesque area known as Bahrija, Ta’ Gagin will serve you some huge portions so make sure to go on an empty stomach.

28th November 2023

Emma Galea
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Emma Galea
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