The most instagrammable spots in Valletta
Some of the most striking spots for a snap in Malta's beautiful capital city.

Lisa Borain

Triton Fountain

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Located right outside the City Gate of Valletta, this glorious bronze figured fountain was just recently restored to make the entrance to the city all the more impressive.

Parliament House

While it's situated at the beginning of Republic Street (which is another highly instagrammable spot) Parliament House demands its own mention. For those who have an affinity for design and architecture, this building, constructed between 2011 and 2015 to designs by Renzo Piano as part of the City Gate Project, is nothing short of spectacular.

Republic Street

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By far Valletta's busiest street, Republic Street has a bustling vibe by day and an atmospheric feel by night, which makes it hard not to capture a moment on Valletta's main thoroughfare.

Strait Street (Strada Stretta)

One of the most famous streets in Malta, and certainly Valletta, Strait Street was the pinnacle of nightlife amongst American and British military men and Maltese frequenters between the 19th and mid-20th century. Nowadays it's not much different, with bars and restaurants heaving full of patrons all along the long (and straight) street.

St Johns Co-Cathedral

Built as the conventual church for the Knights of St John, it's hard not to make this gem of baroque art and architecture look good.

St Lucy Street

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A spot that gets a lot of snappy attention is the lower end of St Lucy Street, corner with St Paul’s Street, which is home to quirky wine bar San Paolo Naufrago. The street is full of character, with the wine bar's eclectic potted plants along the wide, worn stairs.

St John's Street

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It could be the extremely quaint 'ladies hairstylist' sign or one of Valletta's coolest bars, Cafe Society, which has instagrammers snapping the charming St John Street so much.

Upper Barrakka Gardens

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The highest point of Valletta's walls, this garden on the upper tier of St Peter & Paul Bastion offers a view of the bastion's lower tier, which contains the Saluting Battery and beyond - over the Grand Harbour, the Three Cities, as well as over the shipyard and the lower-lying parts the capital. Perfect for bird's eye view shots.

The view from Sliema

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One of the best overview perspectives of Valletta is actually from Sliema, or the water taxi crossing from Sliema to Valletta. The iconic cityscape was MADE for instagram!

17th January 2021

Lisa Borain
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Lisa Borain
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