‘Something has to be done NOW’ – Free diver condemns ‘shocking’ state of Blue Lagoon
He describes a sad scene.

Many consider Comino’s Blue Lagoon to be a precious gem in the Maltese Islands’ crown, but sadly, local authorities have come under fire for not respecting it as such over the years.

From failing to control deckchair hawkers who take up too much space on the shore, to ensuring adequate cleaning of the bay, come summer, the Blue Lagoon suffers at the hands of irresponsible visitors and locals alike. 

Yesterday, free diver Henry Copperstone took to social media to describe an unpleasant experience at the Blue Lagoon, drawing attention to what he describes as a situation that has become “totally out of control.”

“Went to Blue Lagoon with my freediving buddies for a nice fun dive only to be shocked at the mess and condition of the lagoon,” he writes in the shocked post, alongside a photo of floating pineapple husks in the sea.

Lamenting at being approached by deck chair hawkers as soon as they set foot on Comino, he adds, “thankfully we were only there to leave some personal stuff ashore and swim out to the wreck just beyond the lagoon, but then I see one pineapple thinking it was a fried egg jellyfish, then I see another and before I knew it, there must have been a hundred of these floating around the lagoon, not to mention the amount of plastic and discarded trash at the bottom one the beautiful sand.”

Calling for action from the local authorities, he writes, “something has to be done NOW.”

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