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It's the most important meal of the day! 8 fantastic breakfast spots in Malta
8 top spots to make the most important meal of the day all that more special!

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Ahhh breakfast. So vital and so versatile - sometimes all you’re craving is a slab of bacon on some lightly buttered toast, and other times your sweet tooth is awake before you’ve even had a sip of coffee. Waking up to a good breakfast always gives the day more direction, and there are a number of fantastic breakfast spots around the islands that will help perk you up first thing in the morning! Here are eight of our favourites.

1. Manouche Craft Bakery and Bistro

I mean, you must have heard of Manouche Craft Bakery and Bistro by now! If the lunch menu hasn’t got you hooked yet, the brekkie choices sure will! Known for their exceptional baked goods, they've also recently launched our latest obsession: the Manouche cronut. If you’re looking for something a little more savoury, we recommend their exceptional Croque Madame.


Facebook / Manouche Craft Bakery and Bistro

2. emma’s kitchen

Hipster paradise, foodie haven and all-round crowd pleaser, emma’s kitchen is all about serving up the goods, day in, day out - and breakfast is no different. With daily specials and enduring favourites like their delectable breakfast board, emma’s kitchen focuses on innovation and originality when creating new dishes, such as the awesome avo toast. YUM!


Facebook / emma's kitchen

3. Drift Meze Café

A trip to Drift is always welcome; whether it’s for the superb bagels served with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket or the fresh croissants baked just before the morning rush. If you’ve got some more time on your hands, try out the Full English Breakfast - a staple that can only be enhanced with the island’s best coffee. 


Facebook / Drift Meze/Cafe

4. Fre{n}sh Bakes

One of Spinola’s greatest gifts: Fre{n}sh! The top destination for anyone looking to make their morning epic. The flakiest, fluffiest, most amazing croissants will find their way into your life if you head to Fre{n}sh Bakes before you pop into the office or on your way out for a day of exploring. If you're in the Qormi region, you're in luck, the creative bakers at Fre{n}sh are also stirring up some good eats at Le Grenier à Pain. Some of their newer additions will also hit the spot for savoury lovers: these include freshly prepared sandwiches such as the salami and butter rosette.


Facebook / Frensh - Fresh and French Bakes

5. Oblico

If you’re grabbing some breakfast with a group of friends, Oblico is your best bet. Their extensive menu will suit the entire crowd thanks to an amazing choice of Continental and English Breakfasts, omelettes, croissants and other pasties hoping to jump right into your stomach. Wash these down with a selection of milkshakes, herbal teas and other hot drinks from 9am till late.

the most important meal of the day

6. Kantina Café

If you’re hungry for a good breakfast any time from 8am till 11am; drive yourself over to Kantina Cafe in Valletta for a breakfast bagel like no other! Just look at this beauty, featuring sunny-side up eggs, juicy mushrooms and crispy bacon! This place is all about flavour, and boy have they nailed it with their morning options.


Facebook / Kantina Café - Wine, Valletta

7. Tal-Pjazza

A Bugibba favourite where locals and visitors alike can get their mitts on some gorgeous eggs Benedict, hand crafted bagels and spectacularly tasty milkshakes. There’s nothing like a satisfying meal, especially in this spectacular environment.


Facebook / Tal Pjazza Cafe

8. Reflections

If you’re looking for a mix of comfort and quality - Reflections in Mellieha will suit you well! With their cosy interior and exterior set-up, Reflections serves up some awesome breakfast buns, thick milkshakes and the perfect cuppa Joe. Get your fix from 10am till 2pm every day, and look out for the offers in store!


Facebook / Reflections Sports Pub and Grill

There you have it - eight spots for a killer wake-up, giving you something to get out of bed for each and every day!

22nd February 2019

Kristina Cassar Dowling
Written by
Kristina Cassar Dowling
A local writer in love with the Maltese islands, Kristina is a hunter for all things cultural both in Malta and outside its shores. A curious foodie, music fanatic, art lover and keen traveller with an open mind and a passion for writing.

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