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Give a stray a home! These Sicilian cuties can make their way into your heart & home
Go on, you know you want to!

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Ever wondered what life would be like with a cuddly fur ball wagging its tail by your side? Well it’s pretty darn good and when you know your new bestie was rescued from a desperate situation, there’s a whole lot more happiness attached to the little pooch. 

Adopt a Sicilian Stray is a re-adoption organisation that tends to the needs of puppies and dogs in hopes of finding their forever home on our sunny islands. There are so many abandoned dogs in Sicily that need to find their way into the hearts of the Maltese, where family pets are often treated with the utmost love, respects and doggy treats. 


The way this works is pretty simple: all dogs arrive to our shores with their required micro-chips; they are fully equipped with an EU passport as well as their completed vaccinations, flea and worm treatment. Basically all these little guys need is love, food and a warm bed to curl up in. 

Let’s meet three of these furry friends - check out their profiles; you might find yourself a match: 

Meet Biscotto

A 10 month old cutie who enjoys the company of all hoomans and other puppers too. He’s a cross between a Setter and a Coondog which means he’s extra-extra cute. This sociable guy would love to find his way into a family home where he can be trained to perform the most intelligent tricks. 


Here’s Betty

This adorable little beauty goes by the name of Betty. She’s a year old and really playful. She’s a little bit sceptical of strangers - for about 10 seconds - but enjoys a cuddle and belly rub after a good old session of fetch! This intelligent white Labrador cross would make the perfect family pet!


Let’s hear it for Lambo

An 18 month male with the sweetest of natures, he’s quite the stunner and super friendly. Lambo is a black Labrador and tal-kacca cross who has already been neutered. His medium-sized build makes him the perfect friend to your kiddos.


You’ll have to go through a screening process before your next fur-baby enters your home, a step that is taken to make sure all dogs and puppies will be taken care of and treated as every living pup is meant to be. Get in touch with the organisers to find out more on how to add some canine love into your home. 

Facebook / Adopt a Sicilian Stray

29th September 2019

Kristina Cassar Dowling
Written by
Kristina Cassar Dowling
A local writer in love with the Maltese islands, Kristina is a hunter for all things cultural both in Malta and outside its shores. A curious foodie, music fanatic, art lover and keen traveller with an open mind and a passion for writing.

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