Check this out! Top Maltese photographers bring MUZA building to life in joint exhibition
This building’s pretty much an artifact in itself.

Benjamin Abela

If any building in Malta’s iconic capital were to be given the power of speech, there would be no end to the rich, historic, stories that it would be able to recount…

Of course, the Malta National Community Art Museum (MUZA), is no exception.

Before being converted into a state-of-the-art exhibition space, this spot served a plethora of different uses – its first being to house the Knights of the Order of St John that came from Italy.

That’s why the building’s original name is Auberge d’Italie!

Credit: Heritage Malta

In the years that followed, the Auberge was converted into headquarters for the French Military Command, housed a Civic Arsenal, acted as a school and a post office, and even served as offices for the Malta Tourism Authority.

In its much more serene, present state, the building housing MUZA presents visitors with cutting-edge contemporary architecture integrated seamlessly within its 500-year-old setting…

…and it’s safe to say that the building’s framework is an art installation in itself.

Credit: Therese Debono

That’s why, as the building was being transformed into MUZA, Heritage Malta selected a number of leading local photographers to document and commemorate the most interesting parts of the space that would otherwise go unnoticed.

These images have now been compiled in a single exhibition titled ‘Uncovering Transition’ – and you can check it out for yourself!

The exhibition, which perfectly captures the space’s dynamic transformation into a haven for the arts, will be open to the public every day up until Sunday 14th November from 10am to 4:30pm.

Credit: Stephen Vella

‘Uncovering Transition’ includes works from photographers Nigel Baldacchino, Therese Debono, Fritz Grimm, Ramon Portelli, Ritty Tacsum, Joe P Smith, and Stephen Vella.

That’s this week’s cultural visit sorted!

6th October 2021

Benjamin  Abela
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Benjamin Abela
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