Celebrating Maltese heritage! Set of paintings depict Malta’s most beloved traditions
Which Maltese tradition is your favourite?

A set of paintings shared to the Facebook group ‘Malta Lura fil-Passat’ by David Vella give us a sweet glimpse into the beauty of Maltese traditions.

Found in a private collection, we’re not quite sure who painted these paintings but they’re still nonetheless a great depiction of what true Maltese culture and tradition has looked like through the years.


People try to balance on a greasy pole as they do their best to reach the flag at the end and win.


Marching band members playing joyful music around Valletta.


The strongest of rowers try to cross the Grand Harbour and take the top prize in this competition that happens biannually, on Freedom Day and Victory Day.

Mnarja at Buskett

Every 29th June, people gather at Buskett to buy and sell all kinds of livestock and fresh produce.

The Our Lady of Sorrows procession

Those of the Catholic faith devoutly pray as the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows passes through the streets of Valletta a week ahead of Good Friday.

The Christmas boy sermon

As part of the traditional midnight mass that takes place every Christmas, it is tradition here in Malta for one of the local altar boys to give the sermon instead of the priest.

Most of these traditions have a rich history here in Malta, often dating back centuries. Nonetheless even in this modern day, all these traditions are still practised every year and form a huge part of the country’s identity.

In fact, the Our Lady of Sorrows procession depicted in one of the paintings is happening next Friday, 22nd March and the regatta is happening this Saturday, 23rd March.

Facebook/David Vella via Malta Lura fil-Passat

20th March 2024

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