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8 super frustrating stages of Malta’s current power cut situation
It was one of THOSE weeks…

Jillian Mallia

In the past couple of days, Malta has been experiencing frequent power cuts that have left locals baffled – and annoyed! (When we can't blame Boiler No. 7, who can we blame? Ah, those were the days...)

Enemalta has stated that all this was due to the “abnormal high demand.” Woops. And while the sitch seems stable (emphasis on seems), we’re still crossing our fingers that it won’t happen again because well, it was frustrating with a capital F! These are the stages we ALL experienced.

1. You’re getting stuff done

Yes! It’s great so far. You’re super productive and you’re getting all your stuff in order and crossed off your never-ending to-do list.

2. Instant darkness

Ah, shit. The lights go off, and so does your PC. But if you’re lucky enough to work on a laptop and least you can survive on battery power.

3. Internet

We take this for granted so much! You think you can still function and get things done but nope - the internet has left the building, too. Greeeaaaat.

4. That awkward moment

Hmm… what do we do now? We’re like sitting ducks. Hadd ma jaf x’ha jaqbad jaghmel! 

5. The endless phone calls

Everyone is calling up the tech guys, the service providers, and every possible human being we think of to hopefully save us from this misery.

6. Man down!

And then it hits… God helps us! The AC isn’t working. We’re experiencing a heatwave and we legit are beginning to melt at a fast pace. 

7. Something HAS TO go wrong

Ilallu man! The computer shorted. *Insert Maltese swear words here* X’ha naghmlu?

8. The blinding white

And then there was light! Halle-fricking-lujah, the power is running again, things are slowly turning on and we can all get back to the grind… after we sort the shortage mess that is.

How did you deal with the power outage?

11th July 2019

Jillian Mallia
Written by
Jillian Mallia
A book lover, writer and globetrotter who loves exploring new places and the local gems that the Maltese Islands have to offer. An avid foodie and arts fanatic, Jillian searches the island and beyond for the perfect settings to write about.

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