10 spots to hit for an epic bar-hop in Valletta
Drinks in the capital are always a good idea.

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Whether it’s a Friday smash up or a weekend on the prowl, hitting the capital for a round of drinks is always an awesome idea! The bar-hopping scene in Valletta is something else... you’re trailing from one super bar to the next, all within the periphery of Malta’s splendid capital city. What more could you ask for? A list of the top spots to visit? Sure, here you go…

1. Loop Bistro Bar

An iconic place to start is definitely Strait Street, with a post-war bar known as Loop Bistro Bar. After a 40-year break, this piece of history is back with an authentic menu featuring Maltese, Mediterranean and international cuisine. The old bar is anything but outdated though, with vegetarian options on their menu as well as gluten free choices for the more sensitive folk, oh, and homemade salmon burgers for the fish lovers, and 270g Irish Angus burgers for the meatier boozers... this one will be a winner!

Loop Bar

Loop Bar

2. Carcass City Bar

Feel like a local, Carcass - the City bar is another Strait Street classic venue that never fails to disappoint. The newly refurbished premises have been handed down with pride from father to son through four generations. Expect a great selection of wines, beers and spirits - all served with warm Maltese hospitality. Let the cool grooves take you over and dance the night away to a couple of classic bar tunes. Chat with the locals as they confide a thing or two about the bar, and join in the fun of a fabulous night out in the heart of the city.


Facebook / Carcass City Bar

3. Frascati 

Gin anyone? Or maybe a whiskey? There’s so much to choose from at Frascati - a recently refurbished Valletta cafe turned modern bar. Hit this classic spot between 5pm and 8pm and you could be looking at a free platter heading your way… if and when you spend €85 on drinks! You can also gather some mates and hire the venue out exclusively if you're 15 people or more - you’ll be dining in style in your very own private area!

Facebook / Frascati

4. The Rootz Bar

Think Italian Osteria meets acoustic music, flowing drinks and a happy crowd. Hooked? We thought so! Why not give The Rootz Bar a try and listen to the jazzy, bluesy soul music floating out from the live guitarist’s and pianists’ cornet? Maybe an aperitivo is in order... work's out, drink's out after all, so party on! Line your stomach with the bruschetta, piadina and other delicacies on offer.


Facebook / The Rootz Bar

5. Cheeky Monkey Gastro Pub

A cheeky spot to discover the art of mixology with some truly heavenly cocktails served up fresh to order at the bar! Cheeky Monkey Gastro Pub in Valletta is a super spot to visit if you’re looking for a relaxed vibe and a good night out. The food at this gastro pub really does not fall short - from classic pub wings to gourmet burgers, this will wow even the fussiest contender. 

Cheeky Monkey

Facebook / Cheeky Monkey

6. Café Society

A society for drinkers? Good idea! The Café Society is all about bringing together the cool kids for a drink or two after a day's work, preferably on a Friday, so the night can live on forever! This may be a pub-crawl but you really won’t want to leave this place - the drinks are on point and the music is captivating.

Cafe Society

Facebook / Cafe Society

7. The Pub Valletta

The Pub in Valletta is the real pub, the one you go to when you want to drink, bicker about something stupid that happened at work and even aspire to be pushed home in a wheel barrow at the end of the night. The Pub is an ideal place to visit once the night has seen its excitement and you’re ready for the real thing, a good old chat with your pint.

The Pub

Facebook / The Pub Malta

8. The Beer Cave 

A spot for great music where live bands hit the tunes so hard you’ll wonder where you actually are! It’s an awesome vibe full of vibrance, energy and creativity! Look out for bands such as ManaTapu, The Island Roots and other local favourites while chomping on nachos, guzzled down with an ice cold beer in a 450 year old cave! What? This, my friends, is The Beer Cave!

Beer Cave

Facebook / The Beer Cave

9. Cinema Bar by City Lights

A Hollywood vibe surging through your veins? Maybe it’s time for a Cinema Bar by City Lights experience. Watch yourself a good old classic, grab yourself a good old bevvy and mingle with the artists, artisans and wanderers of the city. This spot is a great place to head to when the city gets too crowded for your idle head - an alcohol infused movie will do the trick!

city lights

10. Legligin

One last spot before you hit the hay! Legligin, a quaint little wine bar on the corner of St Lucy’s Street in Valletta is ideal to wind down in at the end of the night. Close off an epic night in the city with one person in particular, someone new or an old friend… with whom you can spill it all over a bottle of red at Legligin.


Facebook / Rachael Botley

A night of magic, wonder and suspense - if you drink enough that is! Valletta by night is a wonderful place, so a second or third trip may be necessary to fit all these extraordinary spots into your itinerary.

Kristina Cassar Dowling
Written by
Kristina Cassar Dowling
A local writer in love with the Maltese islands, Kristina is a hunter for all things cultural both in Malta and outside its shores. A curious foodie, music fanatic, art lover and keen traveller with an open mind and a passion for writing.

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