WATCH: Trailer's out! Malta's history takes centre stage in new film set locally in 1919
You will see some familiar faces!

Caroline Curmi

It was last year revealed that industry heavyweights Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell would be starring in a film about Malta's Sette Giugno revolution, with its trailer released earlier today, and there's only one word to describe it: jaw-dropping!

The trailer highlights the events that occurred leading up to and following the infamous revolt which claimed the lives of four men. While not much is currently known about its distribution, the film's IMDb page divulges details about the plot: "Just Noise (Storbju) chronicles how the citizens of Malta fought for independence from Britain in 1919. When the Army was sent to quell the riots and the British government covered up the bloody encounter, more than 100 Maltese were accused of instigating the violence and jailed."

Apart from a stellar international cast, the film also features local actors Mikhail Basmadjian in the role of Carmelo Abela, Christopher Dingli in the role of Superintendent Anton Busuttil and Erica Muscat as Maria Abela.

The film is set for a 2020 release.

Are you excited to see this in local cinemas?

24th June 2020

Caroline Curmi
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Caroline Curmi
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