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This Hollywood production is bringing Maltese history to an international audience
And it's starring Hollywood legends Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell!

Caroline Curmi

There’s always a fuss when a big-budget production is working on our shores, but the buzz surrounding Just Noise is a whole other level.


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Starring Hollywood legends Harvey Keitel and Malcolm McDowell, the film narrates the events of the 7th June revolutions which happened a century ago in Malta. And while plot details are scarce, the production team has granted us some cool trivia relating to the film’s title.

just noise 2

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The phrase ‘just noise’ has historical connections, and stems from the reportage of the incident by the colonial office – with the revolution deemed as just noise on the streets. A total of four men lost their lives that day, with multitudes of others injured and hundreds of youths sentenced to hard labour.

just noise

Facebook: Sette Giugno - Malta's National Day

The man behind the story is scriptwriter Jean-Pierre Magro, a local writer who’s making big waves on the international scene. From his humble beginnings as a broadcaster for a local TV station, Jean-Pierre has now reached awesome new heights. Not only does he co-own his own production company in London, his latest film - Bulgarian Rhapsody - has just been presented as Bulgaria’s submission for the Best Foreign Language Film at the Academy Awards.

There is more local talent on board too, with the faces of Erica Muscat, Marc Cabourdain, Narcy Calamatta, Peter Galea, Nicola Mangion, Ryan Debattista, Godwin Scerri, Jane Marshall, Jesmond, Mizzi, Ray Abdilla and Anthony Ellul, amongst others, set to grace the big screen along with Hollywood’s greats. A big portion of the crew is also locally based, with Pedja Miletic, Jean-Pierre Magro and Aaron Briffa producing the film and Monolith taking care of the physical production. 

three cities

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The film is set for release on 7th June 2020, and is being shot entirely in Malta, mainly in Valletta and the Three Cities; Birgu, Bormla and Isla. The film is scheduled to finish shooting in exactly a month’s time, but you’re still in time to take part in Malta’s biggest project of the year. The production is looking for featured background actors, namely men of small or petite stature, ideally with tattoos. If you fit the bill and would like to be part of history, please forward your details, headshots and bodyshots to [email protected]

Know anyone who fits the description? Send them this link!

16th September 2019

Caroline Curmi
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Caroline Curmi
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