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Travel bloggers visit Malta in biggest international influencer campaign the island has ever seen
Influencers from six countries toured the best sites on the Maltese Islands, in search of the most Instagrammable locations to share with their millions of followers.

Sarah Micallef

In an event organised by Air Malta to celebrate the launch of new direct flights to Tel Aviv, St Petersburg, Casablanca, Venice, Sardegna, Malaga and Lisbon, 17 travel bloggers, travel influencers and lifestyle influencers from six countries hit the Maltese Islands last weekend to experience Malta for the very first time.

Hosted by local hotel chain Corinthia, the influencers, which boast millions of followers and readers between them, enjoyed a three-day programme organised by Switch - Digital & Brand, the agency behind the campaign.

With the aim of showing their audiences just how much the Maltese Islands have to offer, the itinerary saw the bloggers taking in the best (and most Instagrammable, naturally) spots on the islands, from Birgu and Valletta, all the way to the sister isle of Gozo, Blue Grotto, Marsaxlokk and Mdina.

Following a whirlwind trip, I caught up with a few of them during their last supper at de Mondion, in the beautiful silent city of Mdina, to ask what they thought of the experience, and most importantly, what they made of the Maltese Islands.

Javi Cubo, Spain

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“It was a really amazing experience. I enjoyed a mix of things, starting with the environment, the food, and the people. It's what I look for when I travel. Living and experiencing life like the locals do is great and makes for better content. If you come to Malta with a good plan you’ll enjoy it even more.”

Favourite part: “It’s hard to choose. Mdina is like a movie, but I loved getting lost in Valletta, the colourful balconies... the natural parts of the islands were beautiful, but the cities really stood out.”

Susana Ribeiro, Portugal

“Malta is a very beautiful place. I'd love to spend more time here, even though it's also great for a short getaway, to rest and go to the beach. I loved Gozo and Mdina – I really enjoy the history. The hotel is also fantastic – the view from the balcony changes as the sky changes colour at different times of the day.”

Favourite part: “Mdina looks so much better in real life. I had seen photos of it while researching for my visit, but there are things about it that you just can't capture in photography. Touring Gozo on jeeps was amazing, and Wied il-Ghasri was really special.”

Ella Kenan, Israel

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“I was very surprised by the Maltese Islands, as I didn't think there would be so many attractions! I thought that if it was worth visiting, I’d have known about it, but I was wrong. It's beautiful, there's a wonderful atmosphere here. I initially thought Malta would be like Ibiza as a destination, but there's so much culture and history.”

Favourite part: “My favourite part of the visit was the day we spent in Gozo. The jeep was a great touch! The energy in Gozo is amazing, and being in an open vehicle really helps you feel the connection with nature. Stopping on top of Popeye Village at sunset on the way back was definitely a highlight. It felt really special.”

Zeineb Laouni, Morocco

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“I was very surprised by Malta as I didn’t actually think I'd like it as much as I did. When I was approached to come for this event, I took it very lightly and wasn't really expecting much, which is why I was so surprised when I got here!”

Favourite part: “I loved Gozo and all the things we experienced there – the beaches, beautiful views and special locations. I also loved the Jeep experience, it was amazing. I think my favourite spot was the Tal-Mixta Cave, because of the gorgeous view – it's so beautifully overwhelming, and yet gives a sense of tranquillity.”

Nunzia Cillo, Italy

“I’d wanted to come to Malta for a while, but never got round to planning a trip, so this was the perfect opportunity to visit. When I was researching, I came across a lot of very similar photos of Malta, so I wasn’t expecting much, but to my surprise, Malta has actually been one of the few places that has made me want to come back (I travel a lot for both work and leisure during the year, and rarely visit the same place twice).”

Favourite part: “My favourite spot was a bench at Belvedere in Gozo (right on top of Tal Mixta cave) – I loved the breath taking view and peaceful surroundings. I also really loved the Porto di Scirocco (Marsaxlokk), as I originally come from the south of Italy, and I’m very familiar with the 'Scirocco wind'.”

Vladisláv Karpyuk, Russia

“This was my first experience travelling with an international team, as I have always travelled with Russian teams and agencies. Malta is a whole new world to me, connecting medieval times with new buildings. It was never on my list of places to visit, so it’s all been very unexpected – I’m amazed!”

Favourite part: “I really enjoyed Gozo. A lot of my friends had recommended I visit the sister island, and I found it to be unique. I’m obsessed with pools of water as I like to play with light and reflection in my photos, so having the chance to do it with the sea here was very exciting. In St Petersburg, I only have puddles to create beautiful images, so experimenting with the sea was great! This is why my favourite spot was Wied il-Ghasri.”

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