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This budding new location in the south will have you coming back for more!
Part of the elaborate Montekristo Estates, The Brauerei is nothing like you’ve ever experienced before.

06 December 2018 Jillian Mallia


As you drive into Montekristo Estates, you’re met with a beautifully lit up series of arches. Further down, a magnificent building will catch your eye: the newly opened Brauerei, and it is just begging to be experienced. Walking up the stairs, my dining companion and I were greeted by friendly staff dressed in traditional German outfits, who explained that the restaurant serves primarily German food and beer – and that was all that was needed to light up my partner’s eyes!


As you walk in, it feels like you’ve jumped into a time machine and have gone back in time to the era of cowboys and Indians! The place gives off a Western tavern vibe, with an all-wood interior, which, we were told, was designed and manufactured by talented local carpenters. The upstairs quarters features an interesting concept:  barrelled-shaped booths along one wall, giving a cosy feel, and quite frankly, something I’ve never experienced before!


Upstairs caters for large groups such as bachelor or hen parties, and downstairs, one will find one of the first cigar rooms in any establishment around Malta and Gozo, featuring a selection of fine cigars on display, and a comfortable sofa to relax and take it all in. Both levels also include big screens which show various sporting events - ideal for sports enthusiasts to enjoy while sipping on a pint!


During our visit, managers Petra and Kenneth explained that their beer is brewed, fermented and matured on the premises by their resident German brewmaster - can you get more authentic than that? And as we sat, they offered us a taster of their three craft beers. The first was a German Pilsner: blonde, with a light body and a pronounced noble hop aroma. The second was a Märzen: golden-amber in colour, full bodied with a sweet maltiness, and hints of honey. And finally, we tried the München Dunkel: a dark brown, medium bodied beer with light notes of chocolate, caramel and coffee. I’m more of a wine drinker myself, but I must say I truly enjoyed these, and my partner, who loves a good beer, couldn't stop licking his lips!

beer taster

While sipping on our lovely beer tasters, the chefs put together a fantastic array of food for us to enjoy. While not being veggie ourselves, we were pleased to note that vegetarian options are available, and all the food is very reasonably priced. 

Getting started


We kicked things off with a mix of delicious bruschettas: classic tomato; artichoke and mushroom; sundried tomato with olive tapenade and a dash of mustard; and tuna, capers and mayonnaise. They were gone in minutes, and were so delicious and crunchy! To follow, the chef presented us with something neither of us had ever tried before – duck patties in batter, which came in three flavours: orange zest, lemon juice and paprika. And, dear reader, they were absolutely scrumptious - I didn’t want the taste to end!

The main event


For mains, the chef served up a fantastic German pasta with four-cheese sauce and German sausage. Creamy and delightful, it had the perfect combination of delicious cheese and tasty sausage. We also tried pork medallions in raisin sauce, followed by two different pork cuts in their signature Montekristo red wine sauce, as well as in a beer sauce, respectively. The meat was tender, juicy and oozing with flavour, and both sauces complemented the pork in different ways. It was absolutely to die for!

A sweet ending


After all these tasters, my partner and I were pretty full, but the chef insisted on preparing the dessert of the week for us to try, so we had no choice but to agree! I mean, there’s always room for dessert, right? This came in the form of crepes filled with traditional Maltese ġelat tat-tieġ ice-cream, also made at Montekristo Estates, and served as the perfect end to a lovely evening.


Dining at Brauerei was an all-round fantastic experience - we had the pleasure of sampling flavours we'd never tried before, and while the unusual flavours were exceptional, the way in which they were presented was spot on.

This gem in Malta's south is the perfect place to enjoy quiet evenings with tasty food and beer that won’t disappoint! And after our first taste of this place, we'll certainly be back for more.

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Jillian Mallia
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Jillian Mallia
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