The green grass of Gozo! 10 photos of the sister isle looking lush as ever
The grass is always greener in Gozo.

Sarah Micallef

The amount of rain that ca,e down on the Maltese Islands in winter has been off the charts, with October 2018, in particular, registering the most rain we’ve had in almost 70 years (yes, that’s 7-0 years!) But while we may have done our fair share of whingeing about the weather, there’s an undeniable upside to the rain: just look at all that green!

Gozo has a solid reputation for being a good deal greener than Malta and these green spots are a testament to that! It's no surprise many locals love to head over to the sister isle for a weekend of frolicking in the countryside. And judging by these photos, they definitely had the right idea!

1. Cliffs for days

The sea is always a draw on the Maltese Islands, but doesn’t it make it so much sweeter when the grass on the surrounding cliffs is so green?

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2. Wild & free

What a gorgeous colour palette! Blue sea, yellow stone, and green, green grass make for a perfect spot to soak it all in.

3. Three Hills

Gozo isn’t known as the island of the three hills for nothing. It’s countryside is characterised by an abundance of hills, and last weekend, they were wearing a glorious green cloak!

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4. Fancy a swim?

Despite the sunny skies, we admit, it might still be a little too cold to take a dip, unless you’re feeling brave! Still, it’s lovely to look at and relax.

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5. Explore away

This weather just calls out for an adventure, and where better to go exploring than Gozo’s fantastic fortified Citadel? It’s surrounded by countryside too, so you can get your dose of culture with a side of green.

6. Take me to church

There aren’t many churches that can boast the gloriously lush surroundings of Ta’ Pinu. There’s just so much to see here – from the fantastic architecture and intricate mosaics, to a great many country trails you can wander down.

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7. Back in time

A glimpse at Gozo’s medieval temples offers a window to the past. Sea, sky, grass and imposing stone structures – is this what our entire islands looked like, thousands of years ago?

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8. Seas of green

I see seas of green… and well, seas of blue too! And while some may try to tell you that blue and green should never be seen, in this case, well, we beg to differ.

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9. Take it all in

Sometimes, when faced with such beautiful surroundings, all you really need to do is sit back and take it all in. Go on, bask in that vitamin D before the sun gets too hot!

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10. The hills are alive...

Unfortunately, not with the sound of music. But peaceful surroundings await you when venturing off into Gozo's lush countryside.

OK, who’s up for heading to Gozo next weekend?

28th February 2021

Sarah Micallef
Written by
Sarah Micallef
A keen traveller with an interest in most things, Sarah loves her island home as much as she loves getting away from it, and enjoys discovering and re-discovering the gems, hidden corners and unique stories of her native Malta and Gozo.

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