Taste history! Cook an 18th century dish and learn about Malta’s past at this unique event
Did you know three friends had gotten sentenced to three years of forced rowing for eating eggs on lean days?

Benjamin Abela

You can learn a lot about a country’s past through its culinary habits and Heritage Malta’s upcoming event is testament to that.

The organisation’s beloved ‘Inquisitor’s Historic Cookalong Sessions’ will be making a comeback, this time with a sensory experience focusing on eggs in 17th and 18th century Malta.

Held in conjunction with Taste History and its multidisciplinary team of food historians, chefs, and curators, this cookalong session will see food historian Noel Buttigieg explore the relevance of eggs in Malta’s culinary history – but that’s not all!

Taste History chef Malcolm Baldacchino will also be conducting an exclusive historic cookalong demonstration of egg meringue from 1748.

So if you’ve ever wondered what our predecessors’ food tasted like, this is your chance.

Believe it or not, a seemingly average ingredient like eggs has a very significant role in our country’s history…

Eggs and egg-based dishes were often recognised as a power food and were included in several period cookbooks – not only so, but the ingredient also caught the attention of leading European chefs whose imagination highlighted the versatility of the product.

The cookalong event will be taking place on 18th November at 7pm inside the Inquisitor’s Palace’s newly refurbished Cardinals’ Hall.

The kitchen complex at the Inquisitor’s Palace is probably Malta’s best documented early modern kitchen. Research into numerous 17th and 18th century inventories reveal an impressive facility, fully equipped to store and cook a myriad of ingredients.

The Criminal Proceedings of the Tribunal of the Inquisition also shed interesting light on the consumption of eggs in early modern Malta…

Back in 1637, Inquisitor Fabio Chigi sentenced three friends to two years of forced rowing on the galleys of the Knights and a session of public humiliation for eating eggs on lean days.

Yes, you read that right, two years of forced rowing for eating eggs.

If you’d like to learn more weird, whacky, and food-related historical facts, make sure to purchase your tickets from the Heritage Malta website or any Heritage Malta museum and site.

Tickets are priced at €12 per person and €10 for Heritage Malta members. All attendees will be given a complimentary copy of the Heritage Malta publication ‘MUZA – The National Community Art Museum’.

Get booking!

11th November 2021

Benjamin  Abela
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