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Looking for where to buy organic fruit & veg in Malta? Here are a few ideas
Shops selling organic fruit and veg in Malta are the exception not the norm.

Joanna Demarco


Although selling organic produce is the exception rather than the norm for fruit and vegetable shops in Malta, the options are slowly but surely increasing, providing a selection of organic fruit and veg which are always seasonal, and either locally grown or imported from Sicily.

Why should you choose organic fruit and veg? To a great extent, they are grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilisers and they are not genetically modified. Moreover, the farming practices used for organic farming are usually more environmentally-friendly. In a shop, you can tell which products are organic from the green, EU organic label that is used as a marker. 

Here are four places that put their heart and soul into growing organic fruit and vegetables:

Vincent’s Eco-Farm

Off the main road leading from Mosta to Mgarr, visiting Vincent’s Eco Farm is an experience in itself. Ahead of the fields where the crops are grown is a little shop selling all types of fruits and vegetables displayed in wicker baskets. You can also buy other delicacies made from their produce; such as sauces and sun-dried tomatoes. Vincent’s Eco-farm also offers delivery services of boxes filled with organic goodness.


Facebook / Vincent's Eco Estate

The Veg Box

The people at The Veg Box, located in Manikata, at the entrance of the Majjistral Park, believe in growing produce in a less industrialised and simpler manner, consequently creating healthier meals. Such a perspective also supports a more sustainable agricultural system which is non-exploitive. The produce is mainly locally sourced from organic farmers, while some is also grown in a nearby field at Manikata. The Veg Box believes in sustainability through and through - so bringing your own shopping bag is advisable!


Facebook / The Veg Box

Farmer’s Deli

Farmer’s Deli is a no-excuse online shop that sells certified-organic products from Malta, Sicily, North Italy and Spain. Because the imports are from a number of countries, their selection of fruits and vegetables is vast. Moreover, the online selection does not only stop at organic fruit and veg but goes on to include organic skincare products, herbs and more. Go to


Facebook / Farmer's Deli


Barbuto provides fresh organic produce from Sicily on a weekly basis and delivers it directly to your door. Barbuto does not only grow their own organic fruit and vegetables, but they also make their own cheeses and extra virgin olive oil. Go to


Facebook / Barbuto

Joanna Demarco
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Joanna Demarco

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