Gozo’s capital is on fire! Here's some of what you can see & do in Victoria
There’s something for everyone!

Kristina Cassar Dowling

A trip to Gozo usually consists of an itinerary of relaxing activities where the stress of everyday life is washed away. But why not give the capital a spot of attention this time round? Victoria has so much to offer, with activities for everyone to appreciate.

Citadel Photography Tour

Hit the old, walled city with your favourite lens and keep your eyes peeled. The citadel is a beautiful historical site that’s just been restored and which has been made even prettier for its public. Walk around the fortified area where the knights once wandered, camera at the ready!

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Breakfast at Café Jubilee

It’s morning, your tummy’s rumbling, and you fancy a good fry up. Café Jubilee is the best breakfast hub for the hungry day-trippers and it will fire up your day, starting it off on a great note!

Sunday Market Bargain Hunt

While in the capital, the village monti is equipped with some great deals to entertain the crowds. New bag? Check. Sunglasses? Check. Gbejniet. Check.

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Cinema Break

Ever been to the Citadel Cinema in Victoria? This retro style cinema is all you need for a good couple of hours in a comfy theatre. The movies showing are usually a little older than those in Malta, giving you a chance to watch what you’ve missed.

High Street and Mall

Retail therapy is always a good idea, especially when it can all be done in the area. Choose your springtime staples, your evening add-ons and a few bits for the house in the Arkadia Shopping Complex, Duke’s Complex and the rest of the shops on the high street.

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Coffee Trips

All of this excitement requires some fuel. Grab a coffee from the many cafés in the city; you’ll need a little boost if you plan to get all this stuff done in your visit.

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Church Stops

Whether you’re religious or not, the churches in Gozo are spectacular. Victoria is dotted with some beauties, all of which are worth a visit.

National Folklore Museum

Heritage Malta’s National Folklore Museum is a top spot for any culture vulture looking to get their education on. Take a trip back in time with the super display of tradition and heritage.

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Hit the Theatre

Astra or Aurora? Whichever you prefer, the shows that are put on in these playhouses are superb! Opera, musicals and other displays of talent, all right in the capital of the sister island.

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Visit Victoria and take this opportunity to fall in love with Gozo all over again!

20th February 2021

Kristina Cassar Dowling
Written by
Kristina Cassar Dowling
A local writer in love with the Maltese islands, Kristina is a hunter for all things cultural both in Malta and outside its shores. A curious foodie, music fanatic, art lover and keen traveller with an open mind and a passion for writing.

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