Artisanal joys! Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village in Gozo is a treasure trove of unique discoveries
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Ta' Dbiegi Crafts Village

Watch highly qualified artisans at work, buy one of their pieces or learn the craft during a specialised workshop at this unique spot. Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village is set in historic British barracks within 6,500 sqm of lush gardens in the tranquil village of Għarb.

Gozo Crafts

Crafts you’ll find within this village include silver filigree, lace making, leather work, candle making, glass blowing, pottery, blacksmith, pyrography, stone work and local food products such as jams.

Gozo Artisans

But really, it’s all about the artisans: their creativity and flair is what produces the final product on the table as well as the unique, handmade art pieces you’ll find at Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village.

Meet Beryl the candle-maker

Beryl makes special-quote candles, cupcake shaped candles for weddings, personalised candles and carved candles. She also pulls together essential oil jars, miniature wooden balconies, hand-painted pictures on recycled wood, mosaic art pieces and silkscreen quotes.

Meet Rupert of Gozo Glass

Rupert represents his family of dedicated glass-makers. Gozo Glass is renowned for its distinct handmade glass art products. They are inspired from the Maltese islands themselves and materials may include 24-carat gold and 925-sterling silver leaf. Every item you’ll see is made by one of the highly skilled local craftsmen, using traditional techniques.

Meet Katrin of Gozo Pottery Barn

Katrin's pottery studio has been thriving at Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village for thirty years. She creates innovative designs that have a local, folkloristic flavour. Katrin is a keen teacher of her pottery craft and mosaic with sessions available at her studio and also for kids.

Meet John at Inkwina

You’ll find John at his anvil, which is what gives his studio the name Inkwina. He’ll be at work making lovingly handcrafted artefacts of his own design from sheet or light metal. John’s craft is particularly unique because he developed his own techniques through experimentation or serendipity, such as the intense vivid colours unique to metal work. Watch him at work in his specially designed shop and ask him anything; he’s happy to oblige.

Meet Mary of The Leather House

Mary now manages the family leather workshop and boutique at Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village, where you’ll find a variety of leather goods and craftsmen at work making wallets, belts, desk sets, briefcases, handbags, covers for electronic devices, custom made orders and more. In 1965, the Gozitan family-run business began by exporting fine, hand-sewn gloves to Europe. 

Meet Anthony at the Creative Art Centre

Anthony offers you an opportunity to get a custom-made artefact! He specialises in pyrography, which is the art of burning designs on wood. Several items are on display in his shop, which you can purchase or use as an inspiration for your own design!

Meet Rita at Decostone

Rita will introduce you to Malta’s stone art, which combines the natural, the artistic and the practical. The stone sculptures are designed and handcrafted on site using local limestone, which is extracted from quarries for building Maltese homes. You can also find objects made from other natural types of stone.

Meet George of Maria's Lace and Yarn

Elaborate Gozo lace, cosy woollen garments, landscape art on canvas and patterned stained glass are among the things you’ll find in George’s colourful shop. His mother, Maria, can be spotted making lace in one corner of the shop during certain hours. With your traditional lace made by Maria, get a custom design on stained glass made by George.

Meet George of Ta' Dbiegi Jewellery

From his family’s business, George makes beautiful silver filigree and restores your silver or gold items. Ta’ Dbieġi Jewellery is also the home of several silver items ranging from precious jewellery to luxurious home decorations. Do not hesitate to ask George about his craft; George even lectures students about this traditional metal-based version of Gozo lace.

Try l-Ghawdxija Genuine Products

How about some local jams and preserves made with the family’s own home-grown fruits and that of local Gozitan farmers? The products of l-Ghawdxija are local but not quite traditional. Try the pomegranate conserve, prickly pear jam, fig conserve, plum chutney or apricot chutney, for example. You’ll also find traditional goodies such as honey rings and pastizzi.

Visit Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village

The crafts village also includes a restaurant and Wi-Fi. Visit Monday to Friday between 10.30am and 4pm; Saturday, mornings only. Ta’ Dbiegi Crafts Village in Gharb is located just at the entrance to the village of San Lawrenz.

Directions by car: From Mgarr Harbour, follow the directions to Victoria and then to San Lawrenz (Dwejra/Azure Window).

Directions by public transport: From Mgarr Harbour, catch bus 301 to Victoria, then take bus 311 to San Lawrenz.

9th June 2019

Melanie Drury
Written by
Melanie Drury
Melanie was born and raised in Malta and has spent a large chunk of her life travelling solo around the world. Back on the island with a new outlook, she realised just how much wealth her little island home possesses.

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