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8 thoughts that will DEFINITELY cross your mind if you're working in Santa Marija week
Let those true feelings out

Martina Said

1. “Why are the roads so empty?! This is amazing!” – Oh that's because NO ONE is working

2.”It's so much better being inside under an AC than out in this heat” – Yeah, ok.

3. “Sicily, Seychelles, Gozo – Is literally EVERYONE on holiday for #SantaMaria?” That's a fair assumption.

4. “Honestly, I love being in the office when nobody else is around, I get so much work done.” – *crickets, crickets*

5. “Sorry guys, can't make it to your pool day, I'm working :( And no I can't pretend I'm sick to leave early!” – Kudos to your will power.

6. “How long ago was lunch? Is it too early for a snack? Will anyone realise if I fill my flask with wine?” There probably isn’t anyone around TO realise.

7. “This is definitely much better than battling to find a spot at Ghadira – can’t imagine the crowds!” 10 seconds later: “Who am I trying to kid?”

8. “Of course everyone’s so tanned while I’m looking like a character from Frozen. No pigmentation for me at least!” Let it go, let it goooo.

13th August 2019

Martina  Said
Written by
Martina Said
A writer and editor, Martina has an affinity for Maltese things, particularly summer time on the island, adventurous country walks and fresh local cuisine.

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