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7 top restaurants for a leisurely lunch in Gozo
By the sea or inland, Gozo is the ideal setting for the quintessential Mediterranean long and leisurely lunch.

Lisa Borain

1 Ta' Karolina, Xlendi

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Here's a genuine gem amongst some serious tourist traps. There are a lot of great looking restaurants along the Xlendi seafront strip, so it's hard to know which one to choose. Ta' Karolina is always fully booked by locals because the food is super fresh, the portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable.

2 Il-Kantra, Sannat

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The experience of Il-Kantra is probably the epitome of a long and leisurely lunch in the Mediterranean. With a glorious bird's eye view of the Mgarr ix-Xini fjord and the expanse of the bright blue sea beyond, it's easy to stay here all day long. The food is extremely fresh and local, prepared in a uniquely contemporary way.

3 Mgarr ix-Xini Restaurant, Mgarr ix-Xini

This rustic restaurant right on the bay's beach offers some of the best fish and shellfish on the island. Cooked right there by the serving staff for all to see, the ingredients are by far the stars of this show. The tiny little bay was also the set for the film By The Sea, featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

4 Il Kartell Restaurant, Marsalforn

Il Kartell has been renowned as the fish restaurant to go to in Marsalforn since the 1970s. Still family-run, the foundations of the kitchen and restaurant are built amongst the original structures of three boat houses. This is the quintessence of dining by the sea.

5 Oleander, Xaghra

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For a lovely lunch in a quaint town setting, Oleander is your best bet. Situated within the sleepy square of the charming village of Xaghra, Oleander offers a modern interpretation of local and Mediterranean fare.

6 Otters Bistro & Lounge, Marsalforn

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Although there are so many restaurants situated along the Maltese Islands' coastlines, there isn't an abundance of restaurants located right on the water's edge. Otters is just this; a casual bistro with a striking up close and personal view.

7 Ta Frenc, Xaghra

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This award-winning restaurant is set in an authentic old farmhouse surrounded by the beautiful country views of Xaghra, Zebbug, and Marsalforn valley. The restaurant's decor is a melange of traditional and modern, while the food is fine; a successful result of the chef and owners' desire to maintain a strong culinary identity.

11th March 2018

Lisa Borain
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Lisa Borain
Lisa is a copywriter/editor with an adventurous interest and penchant for all things Malta.

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