15 things to do on a beach in Malta
The beach is not just for swimming and sunbathing... there are all these other things to enjoy at the beach in Malta!

Melanie Drury

There’s nothing like spending time on the beach in Malta! Here’s why I totally recommend it, for a variety of things to do.

1. Sunbathe (safely)

A beautiful golden tan is certainly one of the attractions of the beach. Don’t go tomato red - it’s not flattering and it’s painful. Don’t underestimate the Maltese sun – use sunscreen.

2. Swim

Nothing cools you off from the heat like full immersion in crystal clear, cool waters. Malta is blessed with a marvellous sea. Enjoy it.

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3. Read a book

Who needs company to go to the beach? There’s nothing like quiet time to drift off into the world of the imagination.

4. Draw or write

Creatively inspired? Have a pencil and pad at the ready for any muses that might drift into the peaceful stillness which some quiet time at the beach might invoke.

5. Meditate

Perhaps bask in that stillness. Even if your version of stillness is falling asleep, that’s allowed (keep out of direct sunlight).

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6. Fly a kite

Whether it’s a boost of energy from your meditation or that nap you’ve taken, allow yourself to play on the beach. It’s a playground for all, nothing’s too silly.

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7. Fly a drone

Sea, sand, nature, perhaps a sunset on the horizon, lots of open sky … all the perfect conditions to make a jaw-dropping movie.

8. Make new friends

Engage in any activity from yoga to juggling, and chances are, you’ll meet someone with a similar interest. Be curious and playful about this random meeting, it might surprise you.

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9. Enjoy time with friends

Old friends or new, the beach is a great place to gather and play. Whether it’s frisby, acroyoga or a ball game, the beach inspires everyone’s inner child.

10. Make some music

From drumming circles during sunset to a single voice and guitar... free that voice, free the soul. Nothing brings people together like a fire under a starry sky. Be prepared with a metal container to protect the beach’s natural biosphere and enjoy the flames!

12. Have a BBQ

Get creative, cook and eat together with a taste of the wild side (safely).

13. Get some drinks in

Whether it’s a little booze-up with mates or a romantic date, drinks taste so much better on the beach. End the night head-to-head staring up at the stars and dream away.

14. Propose

Love is in the air, the night is perfect, and a ring pops out of a pocket. There’s a scream. There are tears. There are hugs and there are kisses. And the rest is censored.

15. Photoshoot

Same said for the drone goes for photography. Malta beaches have seen pre-wedding shoots, post-wedding shoots, model shoots and photography of all kinds in this perfect backdrop. Just grab your phone and snap a few or amuse yourself just watching.

When it’s so beautiful and there's so much to entertain you, the beach is the place to be.

31st July 2022

Melanie Drury
Written by
Melanie Drury
Melanie was born and raised in Malta and has spent a large chunk of her life travelling solo around the world. Back on the island with a new outlook, she realised just how much wealth her little island home possesses.

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