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We’re taking a look back at Prince Philip’s time in Malta on what would have been his 100th birthday
The Duke of Edinburgh sadly passed away on 9th April 2021.

Jillian Mallia

Earlier this year, the world bid farewell to the longest consort to a monarch: Prince Philip. The Duke of Edinburgh died aged 99 on 9th April 2021. Today would have been his 100th birthday. In honour, we’re taking a look back at some of his time spent in Malta – a place where he and Her Majesty even called home for a few years.

The early days

Yes, the only other place the Queen has called home was Malta. She and the Duke lived here during their first years of marriage while he was stationed in the navy.

Arrival in Malta, 1949

They were frequent flyers to the islands and this was no exception.

In the courtyard at their home in Malta: Villa Guardamangia

Their renowned Malta home was the Villa Guardamangia, situated in Pieta. Many years later it fell into disrepair but thankfully, it's being restored to its former glory.


The Prince looks dapper in his navy uniform on board one of the ships.


Tony Buttigieg via Nostalgia Malta / Facebook

Gozo bishop

Here, the then-Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip are featured at the Gozo Bishop's Residence in Victoria in 1951. At the time, they were residents here.


George Sammut via Nostalgia Malta / Facebook

Overlooking the harbour

The royal couple are pictured here admiring Valletta's Grand Harbour in 2015 as they toured the islands.

1960s visit

Check out some stunning footage of Prince Philip's visit to the islands during the 1960s.

Official opening of the Grand Habour Marina, 2005

Here, Prince Philip is featured holding up an umbrella for the Queen at the official opening of the Grand Harbour Marina during their 2005 visit.

It-Tokk, Victoria

Prince Philip is seen interacting with children during a visit to It-Tokk in Victoria, Gozo.


Ino Mario Borg via The Malta George Cross Movement / Facebook

Last visit in 2015

Prince Philip is seen here walking behind his wife, the Queen, as they disembark the HMS Bulwark during the State visit in 2015. This was the couple's last trip to the islands together.

10th June 2021

Jillian Mallia
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Jillian Mallia
A book lover, writer and globetrotter who loves exploring new places and the local gems that the Maltese Islands have to offer. An avid foodie and arts fanatic, Jillian searches the island and beyond for the perfect settings to write about.

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