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Bringing that 'restaurant experience' to your home! Seafood Street-food by Adam to open this April
For the love of seafood

Local seafood business Adam’s is set to launch its latest concept, Seafood Street-food by Adam, aimed at bringing the "restaurant experience" to customers’ homes.

The Adam’s brand, which launched Adam’s Artisanal Seafood Experience last year, was created by seafood expert and Chef Adam Demanuele.

Fritto Calamari from Adam's?

Posted by Adam's Fish Shop on Friday, 24 March 2023

Mr Demanuele first hinted towards the opening of the new takeaway establishment on social media on Sunday, saying “another one is coming”.

Following this, reached out to him for further details, during which he revealed that Seafood Street-food by Adam will be located adjacent to The Seafood Market Grill by Adam in Gżira, another one of the brand’s restaurants.

“We’re opening a much more casual concept in which everything will be based on takeaway, including taking orders online,” he said.

“Seafood is a type of food that you typically have to go to the restaurant for, yet through this we aim to offer customers the opportunity to enjoy the seafood experience in a more casual way. They can now have the full experience from the comfort of their own home,” he added.

The type of food that he said the concept will have include lobster rolls, tempura-fried rolls, and also an “amazing panina” that he claimed will be “authentic and a first on the Maltese Islands”, featuring a combination of tuna and burrata.

Mr Demanuele said that the new take on seafood will launch on 1st April, and more details will be revealed over the week.

27th March 2023

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