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Waiting for your Government vouchers to be delivered? You can now track them!
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Jillian Mallia

Are you waiting for your printed Government vouchers to be delivered and would like to know when they’ll be arriving? A feature has been added in which you can track your printed vouchers as they make their way to your address!

“If you did not download the vouchers on your phone and you are waiting to receive them by post, now you can track the vouchers and see when you will receive them,” the Department of Information shared on social media.

Here’s what you need to do

1. Visit the vouchers website

2. Click on ‘Track my printed voucher’

3. Enter the ID Card number/Residency Card and the document number located at the back of your ID card

4. Press ‘Submit’

If any further assistance is need you can call the helpline 8007 4904. Happy spending!

18th June 2021

Jillian Mallia
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Jillian Mallia
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