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Struggling to decide what to pack for that weekend in Gozo? Well, help is on its way!
Gear up for some serious chilling.

Rebecca Anastasi

So, you’ve booked yourself a weekend away in Gozo. You can’t wait to relax by the pool, sip some cocktails, perhaps cook a barbie. And – above all – breath in some fresh air, surrounded by green pastures. What a treat! And, with every day flying by so fast, there’s often little time for anything more than a ‘chuck ‘em all in a bag’ scenario. But, what should you reach out for? Here are our suggestions!

1. Swimwear

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Weather its for lounging by the pool of the farmhouse you're renting or catching some rays at one of Gozo's beautiful beaches, you'll definitely need your swimming gear! The sea (or pool) is just too tempting at this time of year, no matter how hard you try to resist.

2. Walking – or trekking – shoes

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Ok, so summer isn’t exactly the best time to take to the hills. The stifling heat of these months means you’ll need a pool of drinkable water to quench your thirst after climbing that road heading up from Ramla Bay. But, give yourself the choice. And, if all else fails, you can use the hefty footgear to keep your things in place on the sunbed if the wind picks up.

3. Towels

Some might think this is optional (well, it is if you’re splashing the cash in a five-star hotel). I don’t know about you, but I prefer to know where my towel has been, what its history is and whether there’s something deep and dark which I’d prefer to not know about, before draping it all over myself. Plus, you will need one for the beach, at any rate. 

4. Wine

And lots of it. Gozo is blessed with vineyards and quality alcoholic beverages you can imbibe with loose abandon. And, though the island is not in any danger of running out of the necessity anytime soon, you might have a preference you If so, take a bottle, or three. In emergencies you know you’ll be able to rely on it.

5. A book… or two… or three…

What? You don’t read? Well, start now! Seriously though, what else are you going to do for two whole days, literally lying like a beached whale on the outside terrace? And, please don’t say, “I read loads of articles on my phone”. You may do, but there’s still no substitute for the feel and smell of a good book – whatever the story. And, after all, what will you do when your phone drops its charge - or, gasp, gets too close to the pool?

6. Your charger or an external battery pack

Which reminds me – yes, make sure to take your phone charger. Unless of course, you want to fall off the face of the earth, connectivity-speaking, which might actually not be such a bad idea. So, ok then, forget your charger!

7. Friends!

Not so much packing as making sure you don’t leave the ferry without them! You may want to go to Gozo to get away from it all, but the little island is the perfect place to hang out with the people you love best. If you’ve rented a farmhouse together, don’t forget to play noli fid-dlam (hide and seek in the dark) – whatever your age!

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29th June 2018

Rebecca Anastasi
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Rebecca Anastasi
Rebecca has dedicated her career to writing and filmmaking, and is committed to telling stories from this little rock in the Mediterranean.

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