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Prepare your jackets! Temperatures set to drop to 6°C next Saturday
The day is still expected to be a sunny one.

Emma Galea

January is, usually, by far the coldest month of the year in Malta and 2022 seems to be no exception…

Temperatures already dropped to 8°C last Monday, with the air making it feel like it was 4°C – and it’s set to get even colder next Saturday!

“There’s a big possibility that temperatures will drop to 6°C next Saturday at night,” well-known weather page Aggornament tat-Temp wrote on Facebook.

This comes as a great surprise, as this time last year Malta recorded its warmest January in history, with temperatures hitting an all-time high of 25.8°C.

Despite the cold, Saturday’s still set to be a relatively sunny day, making it the perfect climate for a long, nature walk.

weather update

Until then, temperatures are set to remain on the low side, with isolated showers forecast for today and tomorrow.

Do you enjoy the cold weather?

12th January 2022

Emma Galea
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Emma Galea
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