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Have you tried imqaret? 5 favourite festa foods to try before the season is over
Live the feast!

Kristina Cassar Dowling

Festa food! Ahhhh, some of the best treats around! And it’s not only locals who go mad for a bite of qubbajt or a couple of doughnuts fresh from the vendor at the village feast. Everyone dips into their childhood and relives the wonders and freedom of the village festa. If you’re looking to try out some new treats, or just remember the good old times where calories and healthy food weren’t part of your vocabulary, here are 5 treats to enjoy.


Simply put, qubbajt is nougat - but there’s something special about the Maltese one: it’s soft and chewy and that little addition of rice paper wrapped around the cylindrical cones is mind blowing. The ultra-traditional version is rectangular and, sometimes, features almonds or other nuts - if you’re travelling soon take some qubbajt on your trip and let the world know about this local wonder. 



Doughnuts in Malta are a really serious thing - there’s the jam ones and the chocolate ones but, most importantly, there’s the fried mini doughnuts that can only be found at the village festa. As soon as you spot the doughnut guy, head straight towards him, ask for six covered in cinnamon sugar and try not to go back for another round. 

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Imqaret are yet another glorious addition to the field of Maltese cuisine. There’s no one on this planet who can question the more-ish quality of imqaret. Sometimes served in Maltese restaurants, with a spot of traditional ice-cream, this delight are even more delicious when bought from the village feast. 

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Burger (or hot dog) bic-chips

Sometimes it’s not the sweet stuff you’re after (or maybe not quite yet, at least); maybe you need to fill your gob with a savoury bite. How about the typical festa meal? Burger u chips! Chips drenched in mayo and ketchup and a burger topped with onions and a wad of cheese. You need something to soak up all that Cisk don’t you?

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And if you’re still hungry, just look for the local pastizzi shop. You know every village has at least two, so you’re bound to find a vendor open to serve up a dozen pizelli or so. Just for good measure.

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In Malta, food is sacred, and although festa food might not be the most attractive looking or of the greatest finesse, there’s a feeling of nostalgia that hits every Maltese adult as they take the first bite of whatever it is they fancy. It’s a memory that our parents instilled in us and we simply need to fulfill at least once a summer. 

Which will you be trying this summer?

24th August 2019

Kristina Cassar Dowling
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Kristina Cassar Dowling
A local writer in love with the Maltese islands, Kristina is a hunter for all things cultural both in Malta and outside its shores. A curious foodie, music fanatic, art lover and keen traveller with an open mind and a passion for writing.