MUZA Restaurant
Auberge d'Italie, Valletta

Mediterranean French

Situated within the captivating MUŻA – the National Community Art Museum in the historic Auberge D’Italie in the Capital City of Valletta, MUŻA Restaurant is not just a culinary destination but an integral part of the museum's enriching experience. The restaurant beautifully integrates history with modern design, boasting four distinctive dining areas: the La Valette Bar, the Donato Private Room, the Gallery Area, the Mediterranean Courtyard.

Embark on an extraordinary experience at MUŻA Restaurant, where the harmonious fusion of art and cuisine creates an unforgettable journey. The carefully curated menu is a passionate expression of MUZA's commitment to both culinary excellence and artistic inspiration. From lunch to dinner, their Mediterranean fusion cuisine invites you to indulge in a symphony of flavours, presenting a diverse array of starters, tantalizing pasta dishes, and exquisite main courses. Fresh, locally sourced, and seasonal ingredients take center stage, weaving a culinary tapestry that reflects the richness of the region.

Beyond dining, MUŻA Restaurant transforms into an ideal venue for a spectrum of special occasions, accommodating groups of all sizes. The professional team at MUŻA is dedicated to helping create the perfect setting for a memorable day in one of their distinctive areas. Whether it's an intimate celebration or a grand event, MUŻA makes your special moments truly exceptional.

Elevate your dining experience with us, where culinary excellence and artistic inspiration come together in perfect harmony.

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