Hammett's Mestizo
Triq Schreiber, St Julian's

South American Latin

Hammett’s Mestizo is a vibrant Meso-South American social dining and drinking experience. The restaurant works with a plates-to-share concept, which means you order multiple dishes which are placed in the centre of the table to share between friends. This approach makes dining a social event in which you can try various dishes from the menu. And you will not only want to try the South American inspired dishes, the cocktails have also been created with ingredients that originate in the continent and there is a Latin American wine list.

outdoor seating wheelchair accessible free wifi
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Dietary Options
  • Vegetarian

  • Vegan

  • Gluten Free

Dining Options
Dine In
Opening Hours
Sunday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Monday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Tuesday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Wednesday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Thursday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Friday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
Saturday 07:00–11:00 | 18:00–00:00
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