St Peter's Pool
St Peter's pool, Marsaxlokk

St Peter’s Pool is one of the most beautiful and stunning natural swimming pools in Malta and is located close to Marsaxlokk at the tip of Delimara Point in the southwest of Malta. The sea at St Peter's Pool is crystal clear with an amazing azure and light green colors and offers excellent snorkelling opportunities. The flat rocks around St Peter’s Pool provide perfect sunbathing areas and the high rocks offer some shade from the strong sun.Ladders are available to access the sea and the more adventurous bathers have the option of diving into the waters from a few meters up.

St Peter’s Pool is popular with the locals, especially for those living in nearby villages and with tourists who are looking for a quieter place to spend their day. However, due to its remote location and bad roads leading there it’s rarely ever crowded and you can always find a spot just for yourself. Make sure that you bring whatever you need for a day out as there are no facilities whatsoever. This natural swimming pool is may not suitable for small children at all times and can have rubbish floating around in it on windy days. Nevertheless, stunning St Peter’s Pool is a real treat for those looking for a special spot out of the busy tourist areas.

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