Kordin III, Kordin Street, Paola
Historical Site

Beauty is sometimes found in the unlikeliest of locations, as attested by the prehistoric site of Kordin III, located near the Corradino Industrial Estate, next to a church and facing a mosque.

The promontory of Kordin was known to contain interesting remains of the past, even in the 19th century. The current site of Kordin III was excavated in 1909 by Thomas Ashby, from the British School in Rome, but other sites in the area had also been previously identified by scholars.

Unfortunately, other remains in the area eventually succumbed to either war, defensive engineering works or development over the years. This is why the surviving site is known as Kordin III and not just Kordin.

The main structures at Kordin III are fronted by a paved forecourt. Whilst forecourts are typical of the period, the paving is unique, even though doubts have been cast on whether the paving was just a bedding layer for a deposit of beaten earth that would have made the forecourt similar to the one known to have existed at the Tarxien Temples.

A peculiarly-shaped large stone found within the trefoil-shaped megalithic structure possibly had a maritime motif and was used as a quern. This has been deduced since a rubbing stone was found within.

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