Fond Għadir
71, Tower Road, Sliema

The Tas-Sliema and St. Julian's coastline hosts sunbathers during the peak summer months. From Qui-si-Sana in Sliema to Balluta Bay in St. Julian's, is one long stretch of rocky shore. The promenade is popular for long walks and for a snack or good meal, day and night, while enjoying the shoreline. The sea is deep, but generally clean, clear and safe to swim. It is also excellent for snorkelling.

Fond Għadir is one of the most popular areas of the Tas-Sliema coastline. The area is dotted with recepticles dug out of the rock that were used for the production of sea salt. Now these shallow, flat recepticles are mostly used for sunbathing. Beach management is operated by the Malta Tourism Authority and includes lifeguard services with beach supervision. Some parts of this coast are accessible to all people while other parts are not.

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